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Washing the car correctly without scratching it

Washing a car is an operation not to be underestimated, great care is needed in order to avoid damages to the bodywork, this can be done using the 2 buckets technique and the right accessories.

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How to decontaminate your car with a clay bar

The first thing to know is that a decontamination allows to remove all impurities from the bodywork (e.g. brake dust, tar, harmful substances contained in smog, rust, brake lining dust, tree resins and bird droppings) and to make the surface smoother, it can be either a Chemical Decontamination or a Mechanical Decontamination.

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Microfibre towels for cars: the perfect drying

Today we are going to talk about microfibre towels for cars, valid allies of all those who love detailing and to take care of their own vehicles autonomously without the help of professionals. 

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Car polishing: pros and cons

Car polishing is something car drivers truly care about.  They are obviously right: with the passing of time and if done correctly, it may bring interesting benefits to the vehicle.  

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Roto orbital car polishers: details to know

One thing is for sure: the polishing of vehicles requires much attention and thoroughness. In fact, only thanks an impeccable polishing, it will be possible to achieve perfect results and to improve the bodywork appearance. 

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The best car wash accessories

Would you like your car to be always clean and shiny? Very well.  That can easily be achieved, all you need is time, a bit of patience and the best car wash accessories. 

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