How to decontaminate your car with a clay bar

The first thing to know is that a decontamination allows to remove all impurities from the bodywork (e.g. brake dust, tar, harmful substances contained in smog, rust, brake lining dust, tree resins and bird droppings) and to make the surface smoother, it can be either a Chemical Decontamination or a Mechanical Decontamination.

A car wash without decontamination does not allow to remove these substances, so the bodywork will be rough to the touch and in some cases matt.

Chemical decontamination only removes ferrous particles like the brake lining dust, but not all the other substances described earlier.
Mechanical decontamination with a Clay Bar, instead, can remove any type of substance, also out of the pores of paint, leaving the bodywork perfectly smooth and clean.

You can find 3 types of Clay Bars in our online store:
(red) Abrasive Clay Bar
(orange) Media Clay Bar 
(green) Fine/Soft Clay Bar  

The Abrasive Clay bar can be used in strong contamination cases and often polishing might be necessary after its use.
The Medium and Fine Claybars are used respectively in cases of medium or light contamination of the car and, if correctly used, they do not need subsequent polishing.

Steps for using Swisstekh Clay Bars correctly:

  1. Mould the product into a flat piece;
  2. Dampen the area to be treated by spraying the lubricant on it;
  3. Rub gently the clay bar on the aforesaid area;
  4. Fold a few times the clay bar during the operation in order to work always with a clean side;
  5. Once finished, you can dry with a clean  car microfibre towel

The same procedure can be also adopted for rims, glasses and headlights, always avoiding the unpainted plastic parts, like for example the seals.

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