Car polishing: pros and cons

Car polishing is something car drivers truly care about.  They are obviously right: with the passing of time and if done correctly, it may bring interesting benefits to the vehicle.   

Therefore, polishing a car is a good habit, but it is important to make use of the best products and the right  methodoligies.  Let’s find out what details should not be underestimated in this field.

The advantages deriving from a correct polishing 

As you already know, the bodywork of a car does not remain “as new” forever.  It often fades and becomes duller, and that is due mainly to aggressive atmospheric agents and pollution.  Incorrect washing and unsuitable drying (or carried out with the wrong materials) may ruin the bodywork.

Though, thanks to the car polishing, it is possible to remove most imperfections, reduce considerably the defects of the surface and give back a fascinating shine to it. Basically, it is about something that can renew the outermost layer of the bodywork: the clear coat.

Unfortunately, it is clear that the polishing cannot rectify the damages relating to the second layer of the bodywork, or rather the paint, if the clear coat is too damaged there can be an aesthetic improvement but a perfect result cannot be achieved.

Polishing a car may also have its advantages: let’s find out why

As you know, polishing bodyworks can help, in an optimum way, in reducing the damages caused by atmospheric agents and removing water or scale-marks, oxidations, streaks, superficial scratches and much more. In the event of scratches and deeper nicks, instead, it will be necessary to resort to sanding or a partial coating and other related procedures. 

When it comes to polishing cars, excellent results can particularly be achieved if the best products for car polishing are used (even for DIY works) or if helped by a professional.  If not, it can even make the situation worse. At times, even a hard and rough cloth can cause damages or worsen the existing ones. 

So, yes: car polishing has its pros, but cons too. Luckily, the latter can be avoided and the advantages can be favoured by using the right tools and/or products. 

What to use to polish the car the correct way?

You can turn to a professional, a body-shop mechanic or a detailer, or you can save up the money needed for hiring sector professionals by taking care of the polishing yourself, in an amateurish way and by using the right accessories.

Amongst all the main car wash products there is a very simple one: the microfibre towel. There are various types and it is a valid solution both for the drying and the basic polishing of the vehicle.  

In order to achieve more important results, specific pads, rotary and orbital polishers can be used.  Furthermore, there are many specific accessories on the market that can optimise considerably the appearance of the bodywork. 

So, car polishing cannot be underestimated, but only with the right tools and products great improvements will be noticed. Please do not hesitate in contacting us for more advices and in depth suggestions!

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