Microfibre towels for cars: the perfect drying

Today we are going to talk about microfibre towels for cars, valid allies of all those who love detailing and to take care of their own vehicles autonomously without the help of professionals. 

In this regard, it must be said that a car wash is an important task which requires attention and various passages, as well as suitable tools.  Drying the car after a wash is equally fundamental.  In this case,  microfibre towels for cars are what we really need.  Let’s see how and why. 

The importance of drying correctly

Just like washing, drying is also a task not to be underestimated.  It must be done correctly in order to avoid streaks or, even worse, scratches. The latter, in fact, can be caused not only by accidents or vandalism: even incorrect washing and drying can cause this type of damages to the bodywork.

On this basis, it is clear that when cleaning with water and specific soaps, sponges that are too abrasive or unsuitable should never be used. At the same time, even when the car needs drying, we should never use cloths that could scratch the surfaces.  Here is where microfibre towels for cars come into play. 

Advices to keep in mind when drying a car after washing it

When drying the vehicle, it is necessary:

  • To take off bracelets, watches or other objects that could scratch the bodywork (this applies also during the wash);
  • To make sure that the microfibre towel being used for the car is clean and dry;
  • To check that no foam has been left on the vehicle (if that is not the case, it must be rinsed again).

Why use microfibre towels for cars

As already mentioned before, this type of towel proves to be the ideal product to dry the car after a wash.  In fact, microfibre is a synthetic material, functional and much softer than cotton. For this reason, it is  recommended for all treated and delicate surfaces, like bodyworks.   

Microfibre towels for cars are made of polyester, polyamide and polypropylene. By combining these elements, it is possible to create filaments that boast exceptional absorption capacity of liquids. This explains why we deal with a fabric which is excellent for drying, but also for dusting and polishing. Once it is moistened, it also helps getting rid of the dirt in a fast and easy way.

How to use a microfibre towel for cars at its best

An electric dryer can be used to dry a car after a wash, if available.  Nevertheless, using a microfibre is a much simpler and cheaper solution.  In this case, it is best to start from the top part of the vehicle and to dry the surface moving downwards and without pressing. 

If you wish to obtain an excellent drying and to polish well the coating, it will be necessary to use high quality microfibre towels for cars. For this reason, we wish to recommend to you the ones in our online  store.  They are available in different sizes and also in a soft touch version for a more delicate touch, and  extra dry, for rapid drying.

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