The best car wash accessories

Would you like your car to be always clean and shiny? Very well.  That can easily be achieved, all you need is time, a bit of patience and the best car wash accessories. 

The importance of washing vehicles and advices on how to do that the best possible way

A correct washing allows the vehicle to last longer, especially from an aesthetic point of view.  The bodywork, in fact, may ruin in time and show a matt paint and light scratches.  Thanks to some car wash products and accessories, it is possible to optimise the conditions of the surface and eliminate or reduce its imperfections. 

In any case, in order to achieve the best results, it is necessary to complete each cleaining stage in a correct manner.  So, there are four “macro” steps to deal with: prewash, wash, rinsing and drying. For each of these steps, there is a number of car wash products and accessories that can be used.


More often than not, those who wash their car forget about the prewash, which is very important for good detailing.  In fact, it allows to remove the toughest dirt thanks to car wash products, like for example specific degreasers. Detergents must be chosen carefully and it is preferrable to avoid those that are too harsh and that, in the long run, could damange the bodywork. 

It is always best to start from the lower part of the vehicle when prewashing with a degreaser, which must be left to work for a few minutes.  After that, the surface can be rinsed and the whole process must be repeated.  

Once the second prewash has been done, the water in the bucket needs to be changed in order to move on to the following step.

Washing and advices on the 2 buckets and Sand Filter technique

There are many valid products available on the market, such as shampoos, detergents for rims and glass cleaning products.

Specific car wash accessories can be used at this point, like gloves and filters to remove the soil from the water used for washing.  

Before starting, you need to get hold of two important car wash accessories: 

In order to avoid swirls on the car with a dirty glove when washing, it is greatly advised the use of two gloves instead of one:  the first glove will be used on the lower parts, which are dirtier, and the other one for the rest of the car. 

We will wash the car following the two buckets technique:  the first one is needed to rinse the glove properly, and the second one is filled with clean water and shampoo. 

All the dirt collected by the glove needs to settle at the bottom of the bucket, this way the paint will not be damaged.  In order to achieve this a particular grit guard must be used, the SAND FILTER, which needs to be positioned at the bottom of the bucket, and it is where we will rub our glove on, that way the dirt will settle at the bottom of the bucket and the glove will remain clean. 

 Rinsing and drying the car 

After prewashing and washing the car, it will then need to be rinsed carefully and dried.  Microfibre towels  are amongst the best detailing and car wash products, they are the best allies for drying, especially for cars treated with nanotechnology products or waxes.

In order to obtain a perfect bodywork, you can also count on rotary and orbital polishers, and other car wash accessories which you will also find in our online store. We are waiting for you!

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